Service Provide By “D” Electrician Technical Services.

Service for all your home inspection needs. Call “D” Electrician today 954-726-0394. we are always here for you with same or next day appointment. New home owner, invester or selling your home, call us we provide great  home inspection service in and around Broward County.Service D Home Inspection


Sellers Inspection: Knowledge is power, and the more informed you are about your property is the more  prepared you are  to negotitate your sale. so if you choose to sell your home using a Realtor or for sale by owner. It is always a good idea to call “D” Electrician  to get a professional  home inspection done.

Inspection For New Construction Construction is not what is use to be, so having an indepenent home inspection in different stages of your new construction is a great idea. Protect your property from any costly  surprise later.Service Of D Electrician

Buyers Inspection: “D” Electrician home inspectors are trained to identify any problem with your home. We make sure you are well informed about the weaknesses and the strengths of your property whether your home is new or older.